Incorrect Nutrition Info Found Posted Online

As has been reported in main stream media in recent months, the internet is becoming a source for much misinformation on many subjects. Trempherbe has for an unknown reason become the target of many “health food” internet nutritional reporting sites. Unfortunately, we are finding that many of these sites have incorrect data on our nutritional information which has been listed by unreliable third party “members” of these sites.

This is not only potentially damaging to the fine reputation of the product in question, but it might well be a safety hazard to those consumers who rely in this information, or simply it might cause someone to skip over a very excellent product due to thinking it is not a good fit for their fitness and health lifestyle.

As such, we will be adding a page on this website with the correct nutritional values for all of our cheeses very shortly. Anyone wishing to read about this information should only depend on those values posted either on this site when it is posted shortly or from our actual labels on our containers which meet all USDA and FDA legal requirements.

Any information found on the internet which is not published by Beryl Marton & Co. should not be relied upon.

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