Beryl Marton & Company is launching this new Trempherbe recipe page based on uses and ideas sent in to us from our customers.

This first suggestion came to us not long ago from a Specialty Team member at a Whole Foods Market store in the Boston area. This customer of ours mentioned that after a long day at work and coming home to not wanting get into an involved meal planning mode; he came up with this delicious simple dinner.

He boiled a pot of water with some fresh or dry pasta, in this case Fettuccini and when it was cooked al-dente, he poured off the water to leave steaming hot noodles. The noodles were put into a bowl and he added in Pesto Sundried Tomato Trempherbe then tossed it to melt into the hot pasta. After the Fettuccini was well covered with the Trempherbe cheese, he ground fresh black pepper over it and served up a fantastic easy meal, which was very inexpensive, yet extremely satisfying.

We tried this recipe ourselves and I have to admit that it was not only excellent; it led us to try other flavors such as the Moroccan Olive or the Garlic and Herb. It’s all good!