Trempherbe Cheeses

Our signature brand, Trempherbe (pronounced tremp-airb), is a fresh curd-like cheese that is produced on our property allowing a natural “migration” of ingredients to blend into wonderful flavors. It boasts a rich, creamy texture that is low in salt but bursting with the wonderful wholesome flavors of condiments, such as fresh coarse cut pesto and apple and peach chutneys, produced in-house. Our other ingredients are specially selected and purchased for their superior quality and value.

These specialty cheeses should never be frozen or stored for long periods of time. Our customers should be aware of the “sell by” date printed on the label. Containers should be tightly sealed between uses and the cheese must be refrigerated. Proper care of the product can produce a longer shelf-life. Click here for container opening instructions.

Available flavors:

New! Fig and Pecan – a rich, sweet blend of California dried organic Figs and roasted Pecans flavoring our natural Trempherbe cheese.

New! Tasso Jalapeño – for that spicy kick we have added our own earthy Tasso Sauce with Jalapeno’s to Trempherbe which has created the perfect sensation of heat and taste

Chutney and Spice - a spectacular blend of spices and homemade chutney

Garlic and Herb – a creamy delight brimming with natural flavours

Mixed Country Olive – a blend of six kinds of ripe Mediterranean country olives in brine

Horseradish Cheddar – a sophisticated combination for a unique culinary experience

Horseradish Scallion – the perfect blend of piquant and playful

Pesto Sun-dried Tomato – a hearty blend of homemade pesto and quality sun-dried tomato