About Us

Once named as one of the Top 10 Chefs in the United States by the New York Times, Beryl Marton’s love of cooking began in her early life on a farm in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, Canada. Her career path lead her through many accomplishments. In these endeavours, she directed a cooking school in Westchester NY, become an author and published six cookbooks and appeared regularly as a guest in her field on ABC Television in NY. Beryl further went on as a consultant for many cookware manufacturers and became the owner of a New York Times Top Rated restaurant in Southern Vermont.

In 1985, she combined her talents with that of her son Bruce, who was working as a Wall Street Executive with the firm EF Hutton & Co. Together they decided to develop, produce and market a line of exclusive salad dressings to Southern Maine restaurants using recipes derived from Beryl’s book “The Complete Book of Salads”. What started in the kitchen of an old sea captain’s house in Kennebunk, Maine, resulted in the birth of the company known as Beryl Marton and Company.

As keen interest in the fine fresh pressed vegetable oils and cheeses used in the production of the dressings became evident, the company shifted direction and began distribution of these products to accommodate the growing demand; this brought life to yet another facet of the company. The use of grated cheeses led to the creation of an in-house processing system to ensure that the finest and freshest quality in grated cheese would be available to their customers. The company then launched it’s own signature brand cheese Trempherbe (pronounced tremp-airb), a rich soft spread curd type cheese, now being sold in Wholefoods and Wild Oats Markets across the U.S.

With a healthy demand for the distribution of their processed, signature brand and various imported cheeses, Beryl Marton and Company has carved out a solid niche in today’s market place and continues to grow and excel in providing it’s customers with superior quality products.